Honey Making Experience in Florence

Book our honey making experience in Florence to enjoy a fun, fascinating and sweet experience in Florence with your family and friends.

Book our Honey Making Experience in Florence:

Join us on a fun honey making experience in Florence at the heart of Florence's picturesque countryside. There, the ancient art of honey making truly comes to life! This sweet experience invites you to step into the buzzing world of bees, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes that have inspired artisans for centuries. Under the guidance of skilled beekeepers, you'll get to wear a beekeeper suit, explore fragrant fields of wildflowers, and harvest honeycombs dripping with liquid gold. 

Benefits of this experience:

  • Beekeeper's Apprentice: Suit up in professional beekeeper attire and learn the art of hive inspection.
  • Harvesting Honey: Delve into the hive to extract fresh honey and enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  • Floral Exploration: Wander through fields of wildflowers, discovering the diverse flora that shapes the honey's flavour profile.
  • Tasting Extravaganza: Indulge in a guided tasting session, sampling a variety of artisanal honeys paired with local delicacies.

Why book this experience?

This Honey Making Experience In Florence goes beyond the ordinary, offering a hands-on encounter with one of nature's sweetest gifts. By participating in the entire honey-making process, from hive inspection to tasting the final product, you gain a profound appreciation for the craftsmanship involved. Our expert beekeepers share their passion and knowledge, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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About Your Guide/Instructor:

With a wealth of knowledge in apiculture and a genuine love for bees, our guide brings the world of honey-making to life. Their engaging storytelling and hands-on approach make the experience both educational and entertaining. Our guide is dedicated to sharing the importance of sustainable beekeeping practices and their impact on the environment.

Important details:

Duration: The experience lasts approximately 2 hours.
Children: This honey making experience is excellent for children who love nature and sweets.
Accessibility: This experience is unfortunately not accessible for wheelchairs.
What to wear: Good energy! We will take care of the rest for you. Also, bring comfortable shoes and proper clothes.

Tour conditions:

Cancellation policy: You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours in advance. No refund will be given to those who cancel less than 48 hours before the tour. We will naturally consider certain exceptions such as emergency situations. Please note, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 48 hours in advance too. We will do so if our instructor is unavailable due to a sudden change or sickness.

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