In the footsteps of Michelangelo

Book a fascinating private Secret Florence tour and walk in the footsteps of Michelangelo, one of Florence's most renowned artists.

Tour description:

Explore Florence through the eyes of Michelangelo on our "In the Footsteps of Michelangelo" tour. Walk the same streets where he once walked, and see the famous and hidden artworks of this Renaissance master. From the breathtaking David statue at the Accademia Gallery to the Medici Gardens, where his journey began, our guides will bring his story to life. You'll learn about his life, his art, and the world he lived in.

But there's more to Michelangelo than his famous works. On this tour, you'll also discover his personal side – his struggles, his relationships, and secret projects. See his lesser-known pieces and places he frequented, offering a complete picture of the artist. This tour is perfect for art lovers and anyone curious about Michelangelo's life. Join us to uncover the full story of one of history's greatest artists.

Tour Highlights:

  • Michelangelo's Artistic Beginnings: Learn about Michelangelo's early days as an artist, his training, and his rise to fame. This part of the tour focuses on how Florence's vibrant artistic community and influential patrons like the Medici family shaped his early career.
  • Exploring Michelangelo's Public Works: Discover the stories behind Michelangelo's public sculptures and artworks scattered throughout Florence. Understand the context and significance of these works in the city's squares and streets, reflecting his legacy in the public realm.
  • Personal Life and Inspirations: Delve into Michelangelo's personal life, including his relationships, struggles, and what inspired him. This aspect of the tour offers a deeper understanding of how his life experiences influenced his art.
  • Michelangelo's Lesser-Known Projects: Uncover the tales of Michelangelo's lesser-known projects and artworks. Learn about the hidden gems and unfinished works that reveal a different side of his genius, providing a more nuanced picture of his artistic journey.

Why Book our Secrets of the Medici Tour:

Booking the "In the Footsteps of Michelangelo" tour in Florence offers a unique opportunity to connect with one of history's greatest artists in a profound and personal way. This tour takes you beyond the typical tourist experience, providing insight into Michelangelo's early beginnings, his major public works, and his lesser-known projects. You'll gain a deeper understanding of his personal life, struggles, and inspirations, which all shaped his extraordinary art. This immersive journey is perfect for art enthusiasts and history buffs who want to experience Florence through the eyes of a true master, discovering not just the art but the artist behind the legend. It's an enriching experience that brings the Renaissance and its artistic genius to life.

Are you looking for a more classic tour? Then check out our Secret Florence classic tour. You can also book our "Secrets of the Medici" tour to get to know more renowned personalities from the history of Florence.

About Your Guide:

Our guides who offer this classic Tour are true Florence aficionados, with an intimate knowledge of the city. Knowing Florence like the back of their hand, they bring a unique and personal touch to the tour, weaving together the city's history, art, and culture with the skill of seasoned storytellers. Their passion for Florence is contagious, and their ability to share lesser-known facts and anecdotes, make them the perfect guides for exploring this beautiful city. With our Secret Florence guides, you're guaranteed not just a tour, but a journey filled with discoveries and insights that will stay with you long after the tour ends.

Important details:

Duration: The tour lasts approximately 2 hours.
Children: This tour is excellent for children who love history and culture.
Accessibility: This tour is accessible for wheelchairs.
What to wear: Comfortable shoes! In addition, always check the weather forecast in advance to make sure you are dressed properly.

Tour conditions:

Cancellation policy: You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours in advance. No refund will be given to those who cancel less than 48 hours before the tour. We will naturally consider certain exceptions such as emergency situations. Please note, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 48 hours in advance too. We will do so if our guide is unavailable due to a sudden change or sickness.

Copyrights: Our team has worked hard to produce the content for this tour. Therefore, we kindly us you to not record the tour or take pictures of artefacts and material used by the guide without their consent.

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